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i'm Alessandra and i live in Rome with my husband and my daughter. We are a family who loves cats. A micione that remained particularly in our heart is Romeo, a beautiful Persian cat born in our house, where he lived happily for 14 years. Romeo since my daughter and I have seen him while his mother partoriva we understood that it would be an integral part of our family. Indeed affettuosissimo Romeo was with us, especially with my daughter with whom he lived in symbiosis, the most common scene in my mind is that you are the tasks and kitty sleeping on the desk lying on its books. His loss for us was a big pain. The trauma was such that I did not want to have more cats in the house and all those that I said "you have to take another kitten" answer "no, because it will never be as Romeo." But after 2 years my husband understand my suffering was a surprise to me, I led a Sunday in December to Felina See of Rome. And 'they knew that a race of beautiful cats, Sacred of Burma, which had seen few times in the calendar photos of cats. And thanks to the knowledge of Martha Picciurro ownership of stock Kintamani, now my friend, arrived at our home a wad all white with two blue eyes, Mihir (Sanskrit name that means "sun shining"), a blue tabby point.
I was very happy because Mihir being a cat as well as beautiful also very affectionate, especially with me, entered into my heart as it did Romeo which now remains a sweet memory. Over time I realized that even if Mihir with us was happy and affectionate, but was missing something ... .. because after 1 years has arrived at our home Ninfa Blue Eyes a wonderful chocolate point. Now Mihir Ninfa and are happy together as a complement Tao in Chinese, he quiet and calm her giocherellona lively and engaging in all games that with him. Now they are the TAO ....
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