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The Sacred of Burma is a beautiful cat whose elegant bearing, the zampino gloves and his magnetic blue eyes seduce at first glance. It is a very affectionate cat, balanced, lively and curious and well-suited to life in an apartment.
The nature of Burma is almost perfect, although loving home and comfort, with his master creates a unique and needs to feel always the subject of his, albeit small, attention and demonstrations of affection.
For this reason, who owns a Burmese knows never be alone, but to live with a soul mate always ready to follow you at every step.
Being friendly and sociable, much like the company of other pets.
E 'exuberant likes to run, climb and play both puppy, when it seems endless, from large, and' extremely suitable for children and for nature and for the docile nature giocherellona

Despite not, it educates easily with just the command of our voice and although lively and active does not demolish the house!
Tolerate travel well and travel by car. It 'a cat that fits easily in places other than its usual home, such as hotels, second homes, pensions for animals, etc ...
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