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The Sacred Cat of Burma is the protagonist of one of the most fascinating legends of the feline world ...

It is said that in Burma before the coming of the Buddha, the Khmer lived a peaceful people and very religious deities venerated in its splendid temples. In one of them dedicated to Tsuna-Kian-Kse, the deity who presided reincarnatio
n of souls, stood a statue throughout his precious golden mass that had two huge and precious sapphires instead of the eyes. The temple was guarded day and night by monks who were caring hundred cats, white color feet from the ground, as believed that after death would be embodied in cats sacred. The temple also lived an old lama named Kittah Mun-Ha that the existence spent praying and venerating the goddess and was Sihn companion, a white cat-eyed yellow ..

One day the temple was attacked by some raiders who pillaged and killed Kittah Mun-Ha while, alongside with his white cat, was meditating in front of the statue of the goddess. Sinh As soon as he saw his beloved master drawn to the ground, jumped on the body of the teacher watching intensely as the goddess to seek revenge. Then came a magical transformation: 
own at the moment when the monaco died, the mantle of cat got a golden shade as the dress of the goddess, her eyes changed from yellow to blue sapphire the muzzle, feet and tail are tinsero color of the earth, while the ends of the legs in contact with the body of Monaco, became a pure white, a symbol of purity. After a few days he died Sihn vigil, and all the other cats of the temple became magically its own color, and handed their discendenti.Per this evocative legend on Burma is considered Sacred.

This is the legend ... but in reality there are several hypotheses sull''origine of this wonderful breed. One of them said that the monks gave as a gift to an official English a couple of cats unfortunately during the trip the male died but fortunately the female who was waiting in sweet with her litter began to race Burma. Another hypothesis wants the Burmese as the result of a cross between a Persian and a Siamese happened in France in 1924.
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